The rumors are true -- there is a beer called the "Statik"! It's no coincidence either, this Colorado beer was brewed to reflect and inspired by the rapper himself!  How does a hip hop artist translate into a beer, you ask? Pretty well, if you're as crazy as Statik.

Over at Rickoli's Brewery in Arvada, CO, a masterpiece was born. Brew master Rick Abitbol set out to build his own brewery only a few short years ago and not long after opening, he was inspired to create a beer that could give even Statik a run for his money. (For those who don't know, Statik is an avid beer drink and weed smoker)

After a few months of brewing the beer to a status everyone could agree was perfection, the "Statik" was born. Raised to be just as crazy and spot on as the influence, the beer became an instant hit and is now hailed as Colorado's Most Extreme Beer. It weighs in at 13% alc and 420 IBU -- definitely one for the experienced. 

Since then, RhymeSick and Brewery Rickoli have teamed up, and if you wish to find the latest CD while you drink a beer that'll make you eat before drinking another one, head down to Brewery Rickoli over at 4335 Wadsworth, Wheatridge, CO 80033 or give 'em a call at (303) 344 - 8988! Support locals trying to rise up doing what they love and if you're from out of state, support people that are putting real care and quality into their products!

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